Sweet Wedding Project

Sweet Wedding Project | NT $ 13,900 + 10%

Platinum Jubilee five disc
Love is a lifetime group reunion
Truffle sauce steamed sea prawns
Golden soup shark fin snow clam cup
XO sauce green fried double fresh
Onion Mandelic sea stone class
Court sauce without ribs
Tiger palm fresh vegetables boiled mushrooms
Sakura shrimp rice cake
Golden Cordyceps stewed chicken soup
Aqua delicate desserts
Four Seasons island fruit plate

Fine dining
Chef selected Chinese wedding delicacies
Three hours during the show juice drink
A bottle of red wine per table (limited meal use)
Provide welcome and send guests candy

Wedding service
Wedding Butler service
Wedding related services consulting

Wedding arrangement and equipment services
The main table layout overall design
Elegant choice of paper towels, romantic red carpet provided
Reception reception desk, photo table basic layout
Exquisite menu, table card, guide the notice
Romantic bubble machine
Top lighting is provided
Projection equipment provided

Love new people
Entertain the bridal suite Deluxe Room a night (wedding day for the lounge)
Fresh fruit and champagne
The next day double self-service sweet breakfast
Intimate couple packages (provided before the wedding)

Honor courtesy
Free shuttle bus (Xi Naojiao MRT station, regular scheduled shuttle)
Three hours free guest parking between the seats (mainly to the hotel parking lot)
Provide 30% discount on vegetables (paid for guest, plus 10% service charge)
Friends and family exclusive price (special festivals, not applicable)
Professionals ceremony ceremony service 20% discount
Outdoor garden card service 20% discount
Wine wedding discount price available
Own drinks per table discretionary corkage fee of 500 yuan

Project content applies to more than 15 tables (inclusive)
The above items apply until 2018.06.30

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